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mediaire was founded in 2018 in Berlin by two MRI experts, Dr. Andreas Lemke and Dr. Jörg Döpfert, to revolutionize the daily life of radiologists through a unique software. mediaire’s mission is to improve the workflow in radiology and subsequently, the patient’s outcome through more efficient, quantitative image analysis.

To achieve this, our software solutions are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and enable our customers to analyze radiological images in a highly efficient way and in an increasing number of medical indication areas. This leads to an improvement in the daily routine of radiologists, with time freed-up for more critical tasks.

With a fair pricing model, we want to ensure that nobody needs to trade off the quality of patient diagnostics for cost savings.

Our History

Our History

mediaire was founded in 2018 in Berlin by Dr. Andreas Lemke and Dr. Jörg Döpfert – both physicists with a background in MRI physics.

Besides their scientific work in this area, both also gained broad experience in programming AI-powered software solutions in different businesses including automotive and public transport. Since founding HQ-imaging in 2015, Andreas has committed himself to MRI-quality assurance as well as sequence and workflow optimization. Moreover, he gained deep experience in authorization procedures of medical products while working at Bosch.

The real founding history however, dates back to 2009 when the scientific paths of Andreas and Jörg crossed several times with the renowned radiologist Prof. Henrik Michaely. Coming from different backgrounds and discovering that each had the same goal, the idea of a scientifically and economically successful high-tech product took shape – a software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that allows a highly efficient analysis of medical imaging data in Radiology to support radiologists in their daily routine.

Basic work like establishing an image library with several thousands of data sets, our automatic quality control features, improving our algortihms or optimization of mdbrain's frontend according to modern UX-standards was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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