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Berlin based AI-company mediaire launches new product for quantitative MRI analysis

mdbrain 2.0 will support radiologists in the diagnosis and follow up of neurological diseases like dementia or multiple sclerosis

Berlin based AI-company medi<strong>ai</strong>re launches new product for quantitative MRI analysis

PREE RELEASE  – Berlin/Germany, 4 November 2019

When mdbrain 1.0 was launched in January 2019 as the first product of the young company mediaire, the strong focus was on supporting the diagnosis of dementia by quantifying brain volume (volumetry).

Based on customer feedback, new features were added to provide radiologists with a more powerful tool – mdbrain 2.0. It not only supports volumetric analysis of brain structures, but also allows the characterization of brain lesions for static and longitudinal studies. Such lesions are characteristic for diseases like Multiple Sclerosis and are important for diagnosis and follow up of patients living with this condition.

We are very proud to now offer a robust tool for lesion characterization which also allows the assessment of lesion dynamics over time. While the radiologist is relieved from the time-consuming task of counting lesions, the neurologist can now make treatment decisions based on hard facts.” explains Dr Andreas Lemke, the CEO of mediaire.

Besides the new functionalities, mdbrain’s AI-algorithms have also been improved and their sample of healthy normal people has increased by several thousand.

This allows us to calculate individual normal values for several brain regions comparable to lab reports. By accounting for age, sex & skull volume we can see within an age range of 18 and over 90 years whether a patient has an abnormal low brain volume corresponding to potential dementia.” describes Dr. Lemke further.

For interested professionals mediaire offers a free trial of its mdbrain software.

Download full press release here: PressRelease Mediaire AI Software Mdbrain 2 0 Launch ENG VDef 04112019

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