Get more out of your MR-Data in Neuroradiolgy

Quantitative Neuro-MRI is particularly meaningful for the early detection and differentiation of dementia, as well as for the characterization and follow-up of white matter lesions in neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis.

mediaire offers radiologists and neurologists a practical and economic solution for both - brain volumetry and characterization of lesions. Our mdbrain software is seamlessly integrated into the local PACS and within just a few minutes generates a report with our analysis while keeping data safety at a maximum level. Patient data never leaves your office.

mdbrain is a CE-marked medical device.

icon save time

save time

Speed up your workflow with our fully automated analysis and excellent visualisation of findings.
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increase efficiency

Open new sources of revenue and save time for the more important tasks.
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improve quality

Don’t just estimate brain atrophy and lesions but quantify them.


mdbrain is a practical, rewarding software solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for volumetric brain analysis and the characterization of white matter lesions. It uses a combination of several deep learning methods to derive meaningful data from MR images. The seamless integration of mdbrain into customers’ local PACS not only provides customers with an objective 2nd opinion within just a few minutes but also with the best possible data protection.