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Largest radiology network in Germany trusts in mediaire

As the largest radiology group in Germany, evidia pursues a consistent strategy to increase quality. From now on, our AI-based software is an important component to sustainably ensure the quality of diagnosis and to optimise processes.

Largest radiology network in Germany trusts in mediaire

In 2021 Meine Radiologie GmbH and blikk GmbH merged to form Germany’s largest radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy practice network. The network comprises 70 locations nationwide and continues to expand. With their new claim “make it visible”, the quality and performance in medical care will be highlighted under the common brand evidia. However, the Group’s quality offensive is not limited to communicative measures. Among other things, medical excellence is to be fostered through digital innovation and state-of-the-art technologies. This also includes the use of AI-supported software tools in diagnostics.

Prof. Dr. Jin Yamamura – Head of R&D and Digitalisation as well as Radiologist-in-chief at evidia is a strong advocate of such technologies and says the following about the partnership with mediaire:

„As a future oriented company, it is important both to deliver consistent medical quality at the highest level and to be economically successful in the long term. The software from mediaire supports us in both. We can ensure the quality of the findings and be more efficient by saving time in the diagnostics processes.“