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NEW: mdspine now available as new member of the mediaire product family

mediaire launches first in class AI-based diagnostic solution for diseases of the spinal cord

NEW: md<strong>spine</strong> now available as new member of the medi<strong>ai</strong>re product family

Diagnosis of degenerative and inflammatory diseases of the brain and spinal cord often rely on Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). However, in contrast to the brain, detecting inflammatory lesions in the spinal cord is usually very challenging due to its small diameter, among other reasons.

mediaire, the developer of an AI-based software for image analysis, has now solved that issue and launched the new software-solution mdspine. First of its kind worldwide, mdspine analyses MR images of the spinal cord systematically and flags detected lesions to the radiologist. Moreover, it quantifies lesion count and volume. As such, an objective 2nd opinion is provided by the AI-system as it supports diagnostic accuracy. Getting the lesion count wrong could have therapeutic consequences for several diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

“Since our foundation, mediaire’s aspiration has always been to provide radiologists with affordable, cutting-edge technology that can improve patient outcomes. mdspine definitely falls into this category. We are very proud to be the first company worldwide to be able to provide such an innovative medical product to radiologists. mdspine complements our mdbrain-portfolio, which focusses on brain diseases and has neglected the spinal cord until now,” comments Dr. Andreas Lemke, CEO of mediaire.

Technical basis of this innovation are new AI-based algorithms using Deep Learning techniques. These allow more precise and faster image analysis. mdbrain complements the brain-focussed mdbrain product family. Well-known from mdbrain already, the analyses of mdspine will also be presented in a well-structured report, which is available in less than 5 min after image acquisition is completed.

Link to press release: Press Release New AI Based Software Mdspine 06 2020 VDef