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mediaire contributes to European AI-course in healthcare

mediaire teamed up with other European institutions and AI-vendors to design an interactive training course for healthcare professionals. Find out more and register …

mediaire contributes to European AI-course in healthcare

During our conversations with healthcare professionals (HCPs) in Radiology we often find misconceptions about Artificialintelligence (AI). They reach from great enthusiasm coupled with the believe that AI is always better than a human irrespective of the task at hand down to great scepticism about AI in general. Hence there seems to be a huge gap in understanding AI with all it’s potential, but also limitations at the moment.

Therefore we joined forces with well known academic institutions as well as other AI-experts and educational professionals in Europe like Uniklinik Köln, Data Science Center in Health (DASH) of the UMCG, the University of Tartu. Københavns Universitet – University of Copenhagen, University of Groningen, 8D Games BV, FutureLearn, ArtiQ and OneVision Healthcare GmbH to close this gap by an highly interactive learning experience.

The resulting course is part of the educational EIT Health project AIProHealth (Practical Artificial Intelligence (AI) for healthcare professionals) and contains theoretical and practical information about AI, including the potential and limitations of AI in healthcare. Using real-world examples, it will help you discover the risks, so you can make an informed decision about using AI in your day-to-day work. At each step of the course, it is possible to meet other participants, share ideas and participate in active discussions.

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