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Mediaire launches mdbrain 3.0 – a new tool for early diagnosis of Dementia

Longitudinal brain volumetry allows detection of neurodegenerative processes already even when the last scan appears to be normal.

Mediaire launches mdbrain 3.0 – a new tool for early diagnosis of Dementia

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one important pillar for the diagnosis of degenerative diseases of the brain like Dementia. In combination with modern computer systems, brain regions of interest can be easily quantified in size and pathological processes can be detected. Unfortunately, these methods are often applied only when clinical symptoms, like signs of cognitive decline, become obvious.

mediaire, the developer of an AI-based software for image analysis, has now solved that issue and introduced the new software-solution mdbrain 3.0. The new system takes all available image data of a given patient from the past and analyses it holistically. As such, neurodegenerative processes can now be uncovered that might not be visible on a single image.

“With the longitudinal volumetry of our new product mdbrain 3.0 we are now able to move away from the pure description of pathology in late stages of brain diseases towards the possibility of early diagnosis. Now also subtle changes can be detected that can be easily overlooked even by a well-trained radiologist,” says Dr. Andreas Lemke, CEO of mediaire.

Technological basis of this innovation are new AI-based algorithms using Deep Learning techniques. The combination of precise brain volumetry and a huge dataset of several thousand healthy individuals allows to identify deviations from the predicted normal evolution and opens new diagnostic options. Moreover, the new version also analyses more regions which also enables diagnosis of several rare brain diseases affecting the brainstem. As well-known from mediaire already, all findings are presented in well-structured reports which can be made available to radiologists in less than 5 min.

Press Release By Mediaire New Mdbrain Version Allows Earlier Diagnosis Of Dementia VDef11082020