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mediaire partners with QMENTA to transform brain research

Through integration into the QMENTA Trials platform the use of the AI-powered mdbrain algorithm will be expanded from clinical routine use into global research & clinical trials

mediaire partners with QMENTA to transform brain research

mediaire, an AI software developer focused on improving radiology workflows with more efficient and quantitative analytical tools today announced a new partnership with QMENTA, a leading innovator in cloud-based, AI solutions for medical imaging. In the partnership, mediaire’s CE-marked mdbrain algorithm will be integrated into the existing library of state of the art biomarkers on QMENTA Trials, a platform designed to enable experts to more effectively, efficiently and quantitatively research the safety and efficacy of treatments for brain diseases. The mdbrain algorithm provides in-depth insights into volumetry levels and lesion segmentation, key measurements for diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis and others. The tool developed by mediaire demonstrated superior performance and sensitivity/specificity as well as far superior evaluation times when compared to previously available, open-source biomarkers1.

Research into brain disease is currently limited by a shortage of analytical tools that provide objective, quantitative, and consistent measurements of both the extent and progression of brain pathology. Currently, image analyses are carried out manually by researchers and clinical trial investigators, often leading to subjective, inconsistent and unreliable results. Further, the manual approach is slow and cumbersome, leading to delayed clinical trials, higher-cost drug development, and fewer treatments for patients with brain diseases.

The addition of mediaire’s mdbrain algorithm presents a great opportunity for users of QMENTA Trials. The algorithm empowers clinical trial investigators around the world to carry out their analyses with higher levels of speed, precision, and accuracy. QMENTA is extremely excited to continue expanding its arsenal of AI-powered tools for the clinical trial community, and we are positive the partnership with mediaire will prove of great value for research into brain diseases.” said Rob Bancroft CEO at QMENTA.

Commenting on behalf of mediaire, Dr. Andreas Lemke, Chief Executive Officer, said: “QMENTA has built a strong reputation for providing industry-leading technologies that accelerate and improve clinical trials that use medical imaging. By partnering with QMENTA, mediaire is taking an important step in expanding the use of mdbrain beyond its current application in routine clinical practice in Europe. Now, mdbrain will also become an important tool for brain disease clinical trials anywhere in the world.”

(1) mdbrain vs FreeSurfer: Repeatability and performance measurements in brain volumetry