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mediaire & Smart Reporting join forces to streamline AI & structured medical reporting

mediaire & Smart Reporting cooperate to develop integrated solution of AI-based image analysis and structured medical reporting

medi<strong>ai</strong>re & Smart Reporting join forces to streamline AI & structured medical reporting

We’re pleased to announce our new partnership with SmartReporting – a leading provider of solutions for structured medical reporting. We have teamed up to provide the first streamlined AI and structured reporting workflow for radiology. This integration optimizes reports, increases accuracy, and formats data for future AI data analysis.

The partnership between Smart Reporting and mediaire combines quantitative Neuro-MRI and semi-automated reporting of Multiple Sclerosis (MS),” explains Smart Reporting’s expert radiologist Dr. Thomas Huber. “The radiologist gets a pre-filled structured report including the results of the quantitative MS lesion count and he can directly continue reporting and finish the report. This is how we envision the workflow of the future to make AI applicable in clinical routine under the supervision of a radiologist.

Smart reporting’s aim is to develop into an international platform for providers of AI algorithms and mediaire is the first partnership of this kind. In addition to these strategic alliances in the broader scope of AI, Smart Reporting integrates image analysis and medical documentation into its own platform to resolve the issue of technical integration of AI into medical workflows to create semi-automated processes to increase productivity.

Dr. Andreas Lemke, founder and CEO of mediaire further describes the value to clinicians around the world: “The combination of structured reporting and AI-powered quantitative MRI promises an additional gain in quality and efficacy for radiologists. With our mdbrain solution, we contribute here significantly to evolve image analysis from mainly estimating to measuring pathological findings in brain MRIs.

A first prototype of the integration has already been developed. Further work will be done throughout the year to be able to offer a clinically and commercially viable solution to radiologists. Contact us at for more information.

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