mdbrain is a practical, rewarding software solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) for volumetric brain analysis and the characterization of white matter lesions. It uses a combination of several deep learning methods to derive meaningful data from MR images. The seamless integration of mdbrain into customers’ local PACS not only provides customers with an objective 2nd opinion within just a few minutes but also with the best possible data protection.


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Seamless integration into your local PACS with automated upload of the analytical report within the same system.
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Quantitative report available in your local PACS within minutes after the end of image acquisition.
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Improve report quality, save time and open new sources of revenue.
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With data storage and processing at your local site, patient data NEVER leaves your system - best possible data protection.
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Licensed medical product - legally safe for use in clinical routine


The results of the quantitative analysis are presented and visualized in well-structured reports which are saved as DICOM-files in your PACS. You can use them as provided in their original PDF format, or decide to copy and paste certain tables and images depending on the relevant interest for your own report.
mdbrain – Neurodegeneration - page 1

mdbrain – Neurodegeneration - page 1

Detailed Report  
mdbrain – Neurodegeneration - page 2

mdbrain – Neurodegeneration - page 2

Detailed Report  
mdbrain – Lesion dynamics & distribution

mdbrain – Lesion dynamics & distribution

Detailed Report  

mdbrain – precise, fast & safe


The analytical procedure and report generation take about 5-15 minutes. This can vary a bit depending on your local computational power. Therefore, it is in principle possible to discuss the results with your patient during the same appointment.

No, you don’t! mdbrain is a closed system seamlessly integrated into your local PACS as a so-called on-premise solution that only runs in your local IT system. As no data leaves your system it provides maximum data safety and you can forget about anonymisation and pseudonymisation.

mdbrain is designed in a way that patient data never leaves your local IT-System. All processing is done locally. Therefore, mdbrain provides maximum data safety.

mdbrain is installed locally as so-called on-premise solution and is seamlessly integrated into your local PACS. The system requirements are reasonable: a LINUX-Server (can be a virtual one) with Intel-i7-CPU (4 cores), 16 GB RAM and 500GB HDD is sufficient in most cases for a speedy processing. The analysis can be significantly accelerated by using a graphic board. Our support team can provide you with more detailed specs and is also able to provide support for your local installation.

mdbrain from Version 1.0 onwards is a CE-marked medical product in the European Union and can therefore be used in clinical routine for patient diagnostics. However, reimbursement rules might vary between countries.

mdbrain is provided via so-called Software as a Service (SaaS) model. That means you don’t have to buy the software but pay only per use while benefiting from regular product updated and improved functionality. The fee per analysis is dependent on the monthly volume and starts from 5€. Any support during installation and afterwards is included already and will not be charged separately. We are more than happy to provide you with a tailored offer which reflects your local situation best. Moreover, we provide the option to test mdbrain free of charge for 30 days.

mdbrain can process almost all DICOM image data generated by MR systems by Siemens, Philips, GE or Toshiba with 1.5 or 3T field strength. Although mdbrain can work within a broad range of sequence parameters and image quality, we recommend the following specs to see optimal results: - for brain volumetry: 3D-T1-MPRAGE-Sequence with an in-plane resolution of at least 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm - for lesion characterization: 3D-T2-FLAIR with an in-plane resolution of 1.0 mm x 1.0 mm