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mediaire launches first in-class AI-based neuroradiological assistant with aneurysm detection

With mdbrain 4.0 mediaire does not only provide its customers with improved volumetry and lesion characterization of brain MRIs, but also provides the first AI-based tool for aneurysm detection worldwide.

mediaire launches first in-class AI-based neuroradiological assistant with aneurysm detection

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is one important pillar for the diagnosis and follow up of several brain diseases. In combination with modern computer systems and Artificial Intelligence (AI) quantitative MRI can help to improve patient outcomes. Surprisingly no commercial tools are available yet to help detecting aneurysms – an outward bulging of a blood vessel – which could rupture and lead to serious bleeding if not detected in time.

The Berlin-based software company mediaire has now solved this problem and is launching its new neuroradiological software solution mdbrain 4.0, an AI-based assistance system which, in addition to classic applications for dementia or MS diagnostics, for the first time also offers a tool for the fully automatic detection and measurement of aneurysms in the brain.

“We are particularly proud to be able to offer the world’s first tool for fully automated, AI-based aneurysm detection, which provides treating physicians with important information for therapy planning. A ruptured aneurysm with subsequent brain haemorrhage can ultimately lead to severe neurological deficits and, in extreme cases, even death.” says Dr. Andreas Lemke, CEO of mediaire.

The technological basis of this innovation are new AI-based algorithms from the field of Deep Learning. For the new version of mdbrain, these were fundamentally revised for existing solutions such as lesion characterisation and completely redeveloped for new indication areas such as aneurysm detection. As already known from mediaire, all analyses are summarised in very clear reports and are available in less than 5 minutes. This noticeably reduces the workload of radiologists, referring neurologists and neurosurgeons appreciate the better quality of the diagnostic reports and ultimately improves the patient outcome.

Link to full press release:

Press Release By Mediaire Mdbrain First In Class AI Assistant With Aneurysm Detection VDef26052021